Worship: Part 3

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‘There is no fear of God before their eyes.’ Romans 3:18 sums up the world’s attitude.  “We are so used to mercy and grace that we think God has no right to be angry with sin,” says John MacArthur. It … Continued

Worship – Part 2

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True worship is in spirit and in truth (John 4:24). Truth means we need to know what God says about Himself; His character revealed in the Word and the gospel (Hebrews 11:6).  At this point, MacArthur lays out the merits … Continued

Worship – Part 1

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What is more important than acknowledging, praising, and obeying the Creator and Holy God Almighty?  What is the essence of His command to mankind?  What is an everyday takeaway from Scripture that instructs, corrects, and redeems us towards righteousness, goodness, and … Continued

Chips, Cheese & Church Searching

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Are you eating authentic Mexican food? Start by observing the customers and staff. Do the waitresses speak English? Do all the customers speak English? Does the menu have descriptions next to their plates or just pictures? How strong are the … Continued

King Sugar Honey Iced Tea

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Please be advised, graphic content ahead! Do not read if you are eating, feeling extremely critical, or about to walk into an important event.  The following true story events will describe the worst parts of parenting… POOP. “Are you guys … Continued

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