Dad has the vision, knowledge and skills. Mom loves to keep things real, take pictures and seek wisdom. The kids…well they make up the majority of our team. We call ourselves Team King. Currently there are eight in our team with one little life in heaven. We would describe our lives as rich, full, never a dull moment and with countless stories to tell. We like to think of it as organized chaos and we love it.

We often hear the phrase, “I don’t know how you do it.” We rarely have one exact answer when we get that comment and started wondering how we could respond to people with honesty and purpose. In our day and age, most people only see the glossy Instagram pictures (which we love) or the end of the story when things hopefully worked out. But in between those perfect moments are serious grit. We all know parenting is hard work. We thought about how we could use our God given calling, gifts, and talents to glorify Him. Here lies the product of our prayers.

We want to share our passion for parenting and the overflow of our life, lessons and loves with you. Our goal is to write humbly, as we are still in the earliest stages of raising our children. By no means do we have all the answers and are not advocating that there is “one exact print of parenting.” We are not perfect parents. However, we do have a perfect example and there is one true King  — Jesus Christ who gives us all we need. We are sold out to follow Him in everything we do. That being said, as you follow Christ in your efforts of parenting, He may lead your family differently than ours. We are simply here to share our journey with you.

We want to parent the King’s Way because God is our Creator, our Father, the Truth and the Way, giving us life more abundantly.  We want this blog to be a vessel of our greatest treasures. Our hope is to share our experiences, ideas, and failures with others. We have been blessed with five precious children and desire to be faithful stewards of what God has given us. Simultaneously, writing will assist in our course correction over time as our intentions are public and our words stay imprinted online. If you decide to join us on our journey your accountability and encouragement is greatly appreciated.

With Love,

The King’s