King Family Letter – Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

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Dear Family and Friends,

2021 was a hard, but beautiful year. The beginning of the year was a time to redefine priorities. Drexel had started at Magnolia just a few months before, was in seminary and we added our 8th baby at the end of 2020. We asked the Lord for clarity on many good things, but if something needed to go, we were willing. We had poured our heart and soul into a home church that flourished during 2020 and He shut the door at the beginning of 2021. He made it so clear!! It was one of the hardest things we’ve walked through, but it was also grace from God to give us time to learn in ministry.

The winter brought serious Texas storms and no running water for a week. We were so thankful for heat and a community of people that checked on one another. We melted a lot of snow for dishes and kept life simple while we worshipped and counted our blessings. Many Texans experienced huge loss and devastation to their homes or farms.

The spring and summer brought a fresh season of family time. We took a lot of day trips, spent our evenings at the water park and enjoyed long nights in the pasture. We currently have 2 goats, 2 pigs, 2 dogs, 1 cat, tons of chickens and 2 horses (they aren’t ours but we get to enjoy them). We are preparing ourselves for a milking cow and are so excited!

Drexel is faithfully working his way through seminary. He took this past fall semester off to get a breather and focus on a few other things. He will pick back up in mid-January so we are all wrapping our head around the hustle that comes with a full-time job, full-time school and full-time large family life. We know God will bless the time and energy that has been put into this degree and we wait expectantly for a few more semesters to be finished!

Johnna still loves homeschooling the children. With farm life and a beautiful ebb and flow of the seasons here, there is much time for hard work but also hard play. Our oldest boys launched King’s Lawn Care this year and everyone helped them. They ride a zero turn mower like professionals! Our older girl is a joy to everyone around and picked up reading so well this year.

The middle boys enjoy all things trucks, mud, wheels and animals. They are constantly on the go, help with the farm, household chores and are growing up so fast. They love to cook as well! The younger boys keep Mama busy as they want to be like the older boys. They’re outside when everyone else is and not afraid of much!

Our baby girl (#8) has been a dream and turned one in late November. She started walking recently and is officially one of the star players on Team King. Everyone dotes on her, helps her get whatever she needs and teaches her new tricks. She is already sitting on a scooter and moving along!

We have continued to be open to more children knowing that they are nothing but a gift and one of God’s greatest blessings. We experienced our first miscarriage in early October. We rejoiced over that sweet life and wept when we no longer saw life. We learned a lot and God was so faithful to walk us gently through that trial. He surrounded us with love and affection from so many dear friends. It was beautiful!

We enjoyed one of our best family vacations in Florida in mid-November. We had crystal clear water, tons of pool time and so much fun. It was a gift that we don’t take for granted and we are thankful to create those memories with the kids.

A little to our surprise, but also not unlike our great God, He blessed us with another baby the very next month after we lost Baby #9. After recently miscarrying, Johnna has been processing some fear, but refuses to be paralyzed. She is still at her 5:15 a.m. CrossFit class every morning and enjoys writing, reading and deep friendships. It would feel safer not to tell anyone our wonderful news, but we don’t believe God asks us to live in that mindset. Each day is a blessing and so we share our joy knowing you will celebrate with us! We trust His good plan and we would love your prayers for this life in Johnna’s womb!

2022 looks exciting! Drexel started a new position at Magnolia that is right up his alley. He is so thankful for the opportunity to make changes and use his talents at such a wonderful company. In his spare time he plans to run his first marathon in April. He has already been training and the demands on his time keep him in tip-top shape as a husband, father and friend. Johnna will continue schooling kids ages 10, 9, 7, 6, 5, 3, 2 & 1 while carrying Baby #10 and taking care of Team King!

Praying for each one of you both near and far! We wish we could see more of you, but this is our way of connecting and hopefully it finds you well. We pray you are enjoying your loved ones and drawing near to God! Praise Him for every good gift and life abundantly in Jesus Christ.

With Love,

The King Family

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    I’m amazed and send love to all!

  2. Sweet seasonal message.❤️

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