King Family Christmas Letter

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Friends and Family,

We hesitated to send out a letter, not because we don’t miss or love you all, but sometimes it feels like a whole year passes in the blink of an eye. We have been beyond grateful for a year of rich memories.

Team King grew to 6 kids and counting on February 27, 2018. Jedaiah Anais King was born at home and was Johnna’s favorite birth experience thus far. Baylor University provides tremendous benefits for the family and we were able to experience an entire month of family bonding. We received meals from near and gifts from a far. We were blown away by the love and support for our family.

With 6 kids 7.5 years and under, Johnna keeps busy homeschooling and the average day is spent at home or around our property. Elias (7) is a fluent reader and spends most days with his nose in a book. Dayin (almost 6) would prefer to skip Kindergarten and build something or work in the pasture. Loah (4) loves being the only girl and enjoys ballet. Zakai (3) is full of joy and keeps everyone laughing. Boden (2) is strong and hangs with the big kids. Baby Jed (9 months) makes life sweeter and fuller in every way. Each child is truly a blessing!

The chickens are Drexel’s pets and he expanded his coop setup to care for nearly 40 chickens. In early spring, Drexel learned how to install fencing and enclosed the entire pasture. Faithful friends that teach us new trades and share their gifts with us continually bless us.

Drexel continued to broaden his Leadership training at Baylor University and also spent the year in the Marine Corps Reserve. In the fall, Drexel put the Reserves on hold to go back to school. He started a Masters of Divinity at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Ft. Worth, Texas. His brainpower continues to blow us all away and we have not felt many effects of full time school, full time job and full time Dad. We are thankful for his stamina and faithfulness to Team King!

The school semester was a deep time of learning for everyone in the family. With Drexel in seminary, homeschooling books piled high on the dinner table and Johnna continually exploring some new hobby – there are a lot of fun discussions around our dinner table! Johnna enjoys holistic medicine, feeding us all good food and helping Moms grow in the busy season that is young motherhood.

In October, we were able to enjoy a beautiful vacation in Florida for a family wedding. It was a restful week of play and togetherness! Thanksgiving was quiet {ha, relative with 6 kids} this year and we spent the week resting and creating family traditions with just the 8 of us. We look forward to hosting family during Christmas and although we won’t stop reading, we may put up all the schoolbooks for a few weeks.

We have aimed for an intentional year of living, growing in Christ and raising our children to know Him and live for Him! Each member of Team King is such a gift and we truly see how God is fitting our family together for great things. Our church family and new friends all over Texas have immensely encouraged us. We feel honored to steward 6 young people, to grow in our marriage and to live in love another year! Thank you for continuing to think of us this time of year. We pray you direct your hearts upon the birth of Christ this time of year and rejoice in His great work of salvation! We are very thankful for each one of you!

With Love,

The King Family

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