It’s Still Fall Ya’ll

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I think we have found a new tradition. Going to the pumpkin patch on the last day it’s open. Two years in a row now we have been closing the house down and we are starting to like it this way. We move slow and we’re thankful to have made it to the pumpkin patch before the season ended. The best part was that all our pumpkins were free!! We decorate with pumpkins until Thanksgiving and will be enjoying these beauties all month.

We are in our own time zone these days. It feels like a lot of people already have their Christmas Trees up and we are over here one month behind. Or wait, maybe we’re on time…I’m not even sure these days. I just know it’s still fall ya’ll! Between Daylight Savings and the holidays sort of morphing into one week, we are intentionally taking things one at a time.

Six littles keep us savoring the moments and all year we have been counting our blessings — literally, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6… do we have everyone?

It has been a while since we have shared an overall update. We are in the thick of serious schooling. Dad is full-time seminary, full- time leadership development and Mom is homeschooling everyone — ages 7, 5, 4, 3, 2, and 8 months. We have our noses in books all the time. We are loving to learn and each of us have a new field we are digging into with great fervor. Dad — the church, Mom — holistic medicine, Elias — History, Dayin — building, Loah — ballet… the list keeps going!

Obviously our hands are full, but our hearts are fuller! We still love writing and have been asked to write about a few specific things. We are thankful for every good gift, including the platform from which we share and we will aim to get those posts shared soon! Thank you for continuing to read and bless us with your encouragement from near and far.

We will be spending the month enjoying the many things we love about fall. Cooler temps, baking, crafting, gratitude lists, backyard camping, Thanksgiving and much more!

Happy Fall Ya’ll!!

With Love,

The King Family

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