Mommy Monday: 5 Boys

A few nights ago I sat the kiddos in a circle on the floor. They knew I was in teacher mode, put their hands on their knees and locked it on. I had been hearing a lot of blaming all day…mainly at the odd woman out. I forget my exact Mom sermon but it was something like…

“Your sister is a blessing. She will take care of you when you are older. You will learn how to love your wife by how you treat your Mom and your sister. She will learn what to expect from her husband by how all the men in this home treat her. Let’s get the record straight…you need to treat her more lovingly. I don’t want to hear you saying “Oh Loah, this or that…” or “Oh Loah, stop…this or that.” You will speak to her kindly. If you want her to respect your Lego creations and treat you with respect…lead her in that. God made you guys differently than her and you will seek to understand her. You will treat her like you would any other friend and it starts with considering them better than yourselves.”

I probably said some other things and then I gave them each a turn to share any of their thoughts.

The oldest started…

“I was only upset at her because she…” Some more blaming happened so I squashed that with Scripture, showed him his own sin in that situation (that he was still trying to justify) and moved on to the next kid.

The 5 year old said…

“Here’s what I think…

If we are made differently and we have 5 boys…well then you just need to have 4 more girls. Then we will have 5 boys and 5 girls. Then it will be the same and everything will be fine.”

And so my Mom sermon was killed dead in its tracks.

We prayed together, read and called it a night!

Parenting — you take what you can get and keep it moving right?

Our baby boy is 3 months and some change! I am slightly embarrassed that I am staring at a calendar and don’t know how to calculate how old my child is. Maybe that’s my Mom brain just fried or something I forgot how to do around the third child. I promise — I don’t love him any less!!

If you have been following along for some time you knew this was coming…here are all 5 boys!

Happy Monday!

With All My Love,


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