Spring Babies — the Birds & the Bees

Our Baby Baby — Jed — is one month old today!! We have enjoyed hearing the age old question…”Are you guys having more?” I figured I would write a blog post answering that question. I want to include exactly how we family plan, all our personal details about what the future holds and the total number of kids we want.

JUST KIDDING!! I won’t be sharing any of that today.

I wanted to blog our baby birds and baby Jed’s one month pictures! I couldn’t pick between the two sets of pictures. Once I saw the birds and Jed on the bees…well, it only made sense to rope you along. 😉

Today is back to work for everyone in the family! Mom here has full-time duties at home and we sent Dad to the office with all our love. We have had a sweet month of bonding as a family. I have wrote nothing but positive things about our time together and my apologies if it is starting to get old. The honeymoon phase of adding a new baby has stuck around much longer than I ever anticipated (praise God!)

The energy I have had is definitely supernatural and only because of God’s grace because I’m for sure tired. Yes, most days I definitely smell like funk, my hair is rarely (if ever) combed, our house has seen cleaner times, and every night around bath/bed time the noise level has never been louder. However, I am learning more and more about how none of those things matter. It seems like my kids have never been happier, our marriage has never been stronger and our family’s unity has never been tighter. There is truly eternal value in the simple life and the many relationships laid before us.

It has been a joy to watch God use special people in my life this past month. I admitted in my last post that I don’t know what the next thing is each day, but that I simply aim to do the next thing well. Then people keep coming along providing encouragement in this exact area. Even down to my dental hygienist yesterday whose conversation gave me such confidence about where God has me.  I want to pass on that same encouragement to you that there is goodness in daily obedience. Walk faithfully in the place where God has you, the people He has surrounded you with and the day you have been given. Serve the Lord with gladness because people are watching!

I am nothing but grateful for the extended time my hubby had off, the love our family has felt from so many people and the things we learned about our family during this time.

We celebrated the end of our month together by adding 33 more creatures into our family. I mean — it’s not like we don’t have anything going on, why not add more precious life? Spring babies are the sweetest. It makes complete sense and the birds and the bees are in the air!

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