3 Weeks with 16 Hands and 16 Feet

We received a sweet gift in the mail yesterday. It was addressed to “King Family of Eight” which was the first sign it would be awesome. Then upon opening, it was like my heart bursted. Taco Money to none other than Torchy’s Tacos. I linked it for most of you to inform yourself about the amazingness that is Torchy’s and then make a visit here or somewhere where there is one. Torchy’s is what keeps our at home date nights thriving, our kids excited, and caters our end of week celebrations reminding us that we all still love each other… A LOT.

After a long day covered in spit up, milk, boogers, no shower, only serving left overs and saying “Sorry we will get groceries tomorrow” — Taco Money was the motivation I needed. It was the “You’re doing so great you deserve more tacos” kind of LOVE that could move mountains. Speaking of food, my new nick names around the house are Snack Monster and Gobbler. You might find me eating the kid’s food when they aren’t looking or sneaking Drexel’s homemade rice krispies at 4:00 a.m. I’m not worried about people knowing my true love for food because the scale is still going down with all that good nursing and my postpartum goals are simply to survive.

If you have been texting or calling me — I hope you know not to take it personal and most Moms seem to understand when I text you back several days later. I think I have currently responded to everyone, but all phone calls or discussions longer than 5 minutes are being routed through my Secretary/Bodyguard/Naptime Manager/HUBBY.

I don’t exactly feel like I’m great at the newborn stage and I really wonder who in the world does feel that way. But Drexel says “You’re doing great love.” Regardless of what the truth is, I have been simply focusing on doing the next thing well. I don’t know what the next thing looks like on any given day. One moment when I’m wide awake and showered I feel like I can take on the world. Then the next day I would prefer to sit and snuggle my baby/babies ALL day without interruption.

My brain can only get to the next thing and if you interrupt that “next thing” I was about to do, I will forget it. I wanted to wash my feet last night before bed. I stood in my bedroom standing there trying to remember what I was about to do next. Hubby threw out a few ideas of my usual bedtime routine, but none of them were it. I stood there staring off into space… “Wash my feet, ahh, yes…that was it.” I washed my feet and crawled into bed.

Enough about me…let me tell you about the past 3 weeks with 16 hands and 16 feet.

It has been the most special postpartum time we have ever had as a family. It has been equally challenging, but any great thing requires hard work. I am incredibly thankful for my dear hubby who has made the transition to 6 kids so seamless. I mentioned the meals from friends, the gifts and all the encouragement in his birth story — it has all been very rich.

The kids have also been working hard and embracing their new roles. I have enjoyed special and intimate time with each one of them. Each child has said funny and entertaining things these past few weeks. I wish I wrote every single comment down. The toddler enjoys giving kisses {aka Mouth to Mouth}, the other toddler sings him to sleep, our daughter still calls him a She, and the oldest two correct me when I’m not quick enough to feed him or calm him down.

At times, it has been loud and slightly intimidating, but never have I doubted what God has done in our family. Although I may not know what the next thing looks like, I know this {and a whole lot more}. God continues to meet our EVERY need. My prayer these past few weeks has been Philippians 4:19. “And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.”

Most mornings and nights it has been a simple “Lord, show me what I need — meet my physical, emotional, spiritual and mental needs. Then meet my family’s needs and help me meet their needs.” I’m learning to entrust more of myself, my husband and our 6 kids to Jesus each and every moment. The day unfolds as it may and it is good to rest in this season of “One day at a time.”

Our time of bittersweet postpartum bliss is coming to an end. I won’t tell you exactly when just yet, but feel free to pray for me as I transition to full time Mom duties with these 6 little ones! Please pray for wisdom and discernment as I balance rest, work and play! I’m excited and definitely nervous, but mainly looking forward to how God equips me to do His special work.

With All My Love,


Thankful for these sweet pictures of Jedaiah at 5 days old. He is much chunkier now and I am hoping to get a family photo soon!


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