When Fear Becomes Faith

My due date with Baby #6 is next Tuesday, Feb. 27. Around this time, my body starts to settle in for labor and I receive several loving text messages from friends and family anticipating Baby’s Birthday. The week before my due date and the week after (usually when I have my babies) are some of the sweetest memories I have made with my family. Up until this week, I was busy tackling projects, but now I have completely changed the pace.

In mid-February, hubby traveled for a week(ish) and I used that time to tackle my nesting goals. I organized junk drawers, our schoolroom, my closet, the kids closets, the refrigerator and my tiny office. When he came home Sunday night I said, “Well, I’m not sure how I managed to get more done when you’re not here…but I did!” I sometimes joke that marriage is a full-time job. 😉 Then last weekend, I enjoyed a Mommy Me-Time Day. I always try to squeeze one of those in before we add a new addition. It is a treat to head away from our city, get pampered and have time to reflect.

My last post mentioned the fear that labor/delivery was starting to stir up in me along with other things happening around the same time that we prepare for baby. Like all issues in life, the more we surrender those things to the Lord, the more we allow Him to work it out for our good and His glory. Adding a new baby to our family has been no different. It was easy to worry, “How will the kids transition to having another little baby?” Then God shows me. My kids have been beyond excited for this new baby. They dote on me day and night, rub my feet, open doors, do extra chores and pray for my back at the end of a long day. What a blessing to see God work in them as they embrace the change!

I also feared postpartum if something goes wrong and I am completely out of commission. And then God shows me I am never alone in handling my duties and the community of support we have is tremendous. He works through my husband to show me more ways to ask for help, delegate and embrace service. God continues to humble me in my worldly expectations of the house, my performance driven personality or the silliness of rejecting relationships (because of how much work they take). Day to day, I have been giving these fears over and allowing God to give me something so incredible.


Forsaking All I Trust Him…is how I love to think of it. It is not blind faith, it is not faith in something intangible or faith that has ever failed. It is faith in the promises of God and where He has proven Himself in my life (time after time after time). It is faith in the Word of God, the Bible, (proven, prophetic, historically accurate, unified, evidence based, Christ’s Resurrection and much more).

I forsake my fears and I trust Christ.

I trust that God will not give our family more than we can bear (while walking in faith). If God allows a whirlwind of events to collide right after I have a baby, well…He will get us through that just like He did last time (which I mentioned here).

I trust that God created, loves, and knows everyone in my family and what is best for us. Even when I want to imagine the absolute worst thing happening to this next baby, or to one of my kids or to myself…if that were to happen, it would still mean God is good. He does not change.

I trust that God will give Drexel and I rest, or strength, or wisdom, or the massive list of other things we need to love and raise six little lives. I trust in this because I have seen Him do it day in and day out.

Fear is paralyzing. It is a lie that wraps itself around your brain and says, “Stop moving…you are helpless.” Faith is freeing. Faith says there is nothing that is too hard for God. Faith shows you how little control you actually have. Faith allows you to witness and enjoy God for who He is — all powerful, all-knowing, all-present — just a few of his incredible attributes.

I will trust Him in all things. From the tiny needs of more poop in the potty and having this baby at the right hour of the day, to the massive needs of a hurting relationship or big-life decision.

Forsake Fear, Choose Faith.

We are super excited and ready to add this next life to our family! Thank you to everyone who messaged me with prayer requests. I shared on FB, “As I prepare for KingBaby#6 to arrive I want to request something that has truly been a blessing for me postpartum in the past. It is the privilege of praying for friends near and far. There are a lot of sleepless nights and long days in the near future, and I love connecting with others through the gift of prayer. If you have a prayer request that you would like to share, please just message me and I write every one down!” If you’re reading this from IG, feel free to write me there! It truly is an honor to pray for such intimate things and I don’t take it lightly.

Looking forward to sharing the news of KingBaby#6 with you!

With All My Love,


Photo: Baylor HR showered us with so much love and it was amazing!

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  1. We concentrated on that same trust in bible study. Faith is an amazing thing. Love, Dad

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