Friday’s List of Faithfulness

Weeks can easily pass before I publish a post. My thoughts have been pretty jumbled lately. For the past 10 weeks, it has felt almost non-stop. We have had family and friends visiting here and there nearly every weekend. It has been rich, fun and incredibly memorable. Additionally, it has also been somewhat tiring.  Our family thrives on a healthy routine that includes work, play, rest, family time and fellowship. Each one of us needs a certain amount of those things and we do our best to make it happen daily/weekly/monthly for the good of us all. It often feels like a juggling act directing these things for 7 people, while pregnant, but by God’s grace He makes a way.

I blogged about real life with sick kiddos and several little ones. In that post, I was honest with the thought “How are we adding a new baby to this?” The season was clearly starting to take a toll on me. I felt anxiety breathing down my neck and forced myself to keep everything in perspective. I followed up with:

“Real life thought…every time we have a new baby, things have changed. Someone has moved a bed and is sleeping better, another has graduated from diapers, or another has consistently kept his sheets dry. Leading up to the new baby it always seems to be crazy, but as soon as baby arrives it’s like everything else settles for a little while. We have 8 weeks until new baby and I’m praying things follow this pattern because it truly is God’s grace over every detail.”

I wrote that 4 weeks ago. Just this week it has been precious to watch God’s faithfulness. I am constantly praying for big and small things. Small things like dry sheets, less poop in diapers and babies that sleep well. God hears it all and knows when I am weary and worn. The 2 year old potty trained this week like it was nothing for him. The 5 year old has been dry several nights in a row. Then just last night the baby didn’t wake up once. I was praying specifically for him to stop waking up for that comfort feed so Dad wouldn’t have that duty when I’m on maternity leave. 😉 I don’t chalk these successes up to any parenting choice, they are God’s way of showing He is always faithful.

I have also been praying for clarity in what my local support group looks like. Hubby has been traveling again and will continue throughout the year. It is important I have people in the area to support me and provide physical relief. God has not left me to wonder. From baby showers, to meal calendars, to random babysitters reaching out, there is no room for any tiny thought that God will not provide for us. He always provides!

Finally, I long to serve and encourage other Moms, but in seasons like this, I can’t do much physically. I sit and pray for people, asking God to put them in my path one way or another. God is kind to bless me in these connections. I receive text messages/FB notes asking for prayer, parenting advice and encouragement from Moms both near and far. They are sugar to my soul and God knows I need your words as much as you thank me for mine.

I used to blog on Friday’s as a way to reflect. It is easy to get swept up in the next day, forgetting all that God has done for me today. I write my prayers and praises down in a journal specifically to resist this temptation. I will thank Him for the potty trained bum that happily wears underwear. I will thank Him for one less load of laundry each day and a little extra sleep. I will thank Him for kind people, good friends, answered prayers and needs met. Every good gift is from above (James 1:17) and I will not forget the many I have been given.

“Great is Thy faithfulness!” “Great is Thy faithfulness!”
Morning by morning new mercies I see;
All I have needed Thy hand hath provided—
“Great is Thy faithfulness,” Lord, unto me!

With All My Love,


What does the Bible say about God’s faithfulness? 


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