Mommy Monday: Starting the New Year off…

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I am glad that’s how I approached the first of the year because it has been real lately. We rang in the New Year with a dusting of snow and like much of the country have been dealing with colder than normal temperatures. We are very thankful our heater got put in before the cold came through because we have been home nearly everyday. Sharing is caring, but not with germs, thus we have stayed near the house for the past week{ish}. First it was Dad, then daughter, then big kid, then other big kid, then baby, then toddler, then Mom. We passed our cold around with lots of extra love and made sure to bring the next person tissues. Because that kid will wipe your snotty nose then wipe his own snotty nose, and you get the drift…germs for days.

Then things got even more real when the 3 yr old and 2 yr old decided they want to come into our bed every night. Mmmm…nope, not happening. We have spent the last week enforcing bed rules which is beyond hard because 1) we are tired 2) they are tired 3) everyone wakes everyone else up. You get the picture…it’s pretty entertaining friends.

I was up at 4:00 a.m. this morning with a defiant 2 year old who just had to sleep in Mommy’s bed. Eventually he woke up the 1 yr old and two babies were crying at the same time was not ideal. Moms of twins, I really don’t know how you do it. I finally got them both to sleep at 6:00 a.m. and squeezed in some quiet time. I was angrily praying sweet dreams over their tiny bodies and wrestling with whether I should also put myself back to bed. I knew a little extra sleep would do me no good. I finished my time in the Word, tagged my husband in from his gym time and left for my own sanity check at the gym.

Real life thought…”How in the world are we adding a new baby to this?” And then came back with, “Calm down Johnna…most nights everyone sleeps really well…don’t panic.” The reality is we have great sleepers, but a few days of crazy sleep schedules can make even Mom here get a little loony.

Real life thought…I won’t sleep with a newborn anyways and there is no reason to get worked up over a little lost sleep.

Real life thought…every time we have a new baby, things have changed. Someone has moved a bed and is sleeping better, another has graduated from diapers, or another has consistently kept his sheets dry. Leading up to the new baby it always seems to be crazy, but as soon as baby arrives it’s like everything else settles for a little while. We have 8 weeks until new baby and I’m praying things follow this pattern because it truly is God’s grace over every detail.

I really love New Years Resolutions and all the motivation I am seeing out in the world. I am sitting over here cheering you on. But I didn’t make any big resolutions this year. I’m resolved to keep doing what I aim to do…and doing it well. I’m resolved to have a sweet baby and love my other babies well. I’m resolved to be a helpful, respectful and faithful wife. I’m resolved to serve the Lord and anyone in my path with a pure heart. I’m resolved to die to my sin, pride and selfishness every time it creeps its nasty little head up wanting a front stage role. I’m resolved to drinking as much water my bladder can possibly hold. I’m resolved to squeezing in my potty time before the kids wake up. I’m resolved to not totally losing it on any of my kids.

I am approaching this year realistically. Sure, I want to master meal planning (for the 5th year in a row). I want to stop biting my nails AND always have them painted. I want to brush my hair more. I want to study the Old Testament (like really study myself, not just use another person’s study). I want to cut out sugar. I want to do a lot of things but hey…that is just not my real life right now.

My real life has enough awesomeness (aka entertainment, aka intensity, aka excitement, aka personality, aka kids) that I don’t need to add extra awesomeness (aka stress) just yet. I’m resolved to keep enjoying my coffee with creamer, brushing my hair when it makes sense to do so, painting my nails whenever it magically happens, and reading through the Old Testament as much as I ever have.

Did you make any resolutions this year? How are they going so far?

Praying for you motivated peeps both near and far!

With All My Love,


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  1. I’m jut now getting around to reading this and loved it! I seriously don’t know how y’all do it! Well, yes, I do – JESUS! Way to keep it real, Mama!! You keep on enjoying that coffee with creamer and I will too! ?

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