The King Family Christmas Letter

Friends and Family,

2017 has been a year for the books! We might have felt that way in years past, but each year seems to get better. On the second day of January we became Texas residents. We always had ideas of moving to the great state of Texas, but never imagined God would bring us way before we expected. Texas is awesome!  We drank the Kool-Aid and joined the ranks of people who brag about how everything is bigger and better in Texas…because it is!

Drexel transitioned out of the Marine Corps and started a new job at Baylor University. He is creating leadership content for staff and supervisors. The Baylor community has been extremely welcoming to our family. Our transition has been inconsequential because of all of the support from new friends and coworkers. Drexel is also serving in the Reserves and that provides another opportunity for mentoring young men from various parts of Texas.

We were thankful to find a beautiful home and Drexel got some land he has always dreamed out. Johnna is close enough to downtown to remain a city girl, but is growing in her love for the chickens and thankfully hasn’t seen a snake yet. In June we found out about another HUGE blessing – King Baby #6. We are waiting to find out the gender and expect to meet baby in early March of 2018.

Over the summer we enjoyed long days splashing in a kiddie pool and late evenings playing in the driveway. It has been a rich season of family time, something that active-duty military did not always allow. We eat breakfast and dinner as a family almost everyday. We imagine we won’t have regrets about that later in life. Some people say it’s hot here, but after several winters of snow, we don’t take the warmth for granted and appreciated the extended summer.

The fall was packed with memorable events. We enjoyed trips with and without the kids, pumpkin patches and a lot of pictures. We have had the privilege of consistent date nights, aiming to keep our marriage a priority over other relationships. Johnna took the kids back to King’s Academy, where she homeschools all five of them. She feels honored to have the job of teaching her children and is passionate about motherhood.

The kids are growing fast and becoming more distinct in their personalities. Serving leftover Thanksgiving dessert sums up their distinct personalities. Elias wants his pie neatly cut and takes the longest to eat, Dayin wants his pie smashed, Loah is not hungry until dessert comes out, Zakai takes a piece of pecan pie and apple pie but instead eats all of Dad’s cranberry sauce, and Boden only eats bread.  We have also made up songs to match their personalities. We truly enjoy the loud and fun house we have!

The Thanksgiving and Christmas season has been full of time with family and friends. We are extremely thankful for the relationships God has given us. We aim to be a blessing to others and appreciate the lives God has gifted that encourage and sharpen us, at least five of them being our kids. We take this time to reflect on the highs and lows of this year, but truly feel privileged to have an abundant amount of highs.

We want to enter the year completely content with where God has us and what He alone has given us. It is easy to strive for more or get distracted when life is busy. We appreciate the holiday season to meditate on Christ, recalibrate our priorities and redirect our hearts back to the things that matter. We strive to continue praying without ceasing and remaining abundantly thankful not just this time of year but everyday!

With Love,

The King Family

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