Mommy Monday: Baby’s 1st Birthday!

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Our youngest turned 1 the first week of November. I’ll be honest by sharing that we planned his cake smash and small celebration after a few other events because it was feeling rushed in between other things. We keep birthdays in our family simple and special! We spend time thinking on the individual and communicating it to everyone during a meal together. We share why we are grateful for and love them. For the first birthday, it’s incredibly cute to hear what the older children say.

“He is the happiest baby.”

“He likes to play a lot.”

“He comes to me.”

“I like his presents.”

Bo Bo enjoyed his cake smash and birthday breakfast. Dollar Tree decor for the win {like usual}!

All our babies have been nothing but sweetness. They are giggles, first kisses, and lots of baby talk. Everyone in our family loves birthdays and each one continually reminds us how blessed we are.

I’m still in my house clothes for today. I’m 26 weeks tomorrow and starting to feel tired again! The gym has been helping me keep a solid routine, but as we approach the holidays I am entering these next few months with a lot of intentionality. I’ll aim to get my thoughts on that published this week. Thanks for reading…Happy Monday!

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