The First of the Month

It’s the first of November! While others may be smashing pumpkins and decorating for Christmas, I’m still in full fall mode and this is when I start looking for pumpkins on sale. I love decorating with them until the end of the this month. We may even carve pumpkins well into November since we didn’t do it in October. We did, however, make it to the pumpkin patch.

October was full of awesome events and our weekends filled up fast, but we got there on the last day, literally the last two hours. Shout out to my hubby. He was in the field all weekend, barely slept and dealt with temperatures near freezing. I said to him, “No pressure, you can rest and we can go next year.” But he knows me so well and knows my loves. He said “I’ll meet you there on my way back home.” Talk about servant leader my man!

Here comes another full month of awesomeness. Marine Corps Birthday Ball, Veteran’s Day, hosting Thanksgiving and more.  Our trip to the library today provided a bag full of books on all these things. The kids have been busy with school, making caramel apples, growing like weeds, and tending to the chickens.

I wrote a post over at Waco Mom’s Blog on Reducing Stress with the Change of Seasons if you didn’t get a chance to read it…stop over there! Just a quick hello with lots of love because well — it’s nap time and my time to rest.

With All My Love,


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  1. Beautiful photos. Love you all, Papa.

  2. Looks like you guys are having a blast! I too love decorating with pumpkins and will be keeping mine around the rest of this month lol! Sending you a hug from San Diego! ~ Ashlee + The Dooley’s

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