Heart O’ Texas & Babymoon Here We Come

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I’m just a little excited…and nervous…and excited…and nervous. I will obviously be rambling for a few minutes, I hope you don’t mind.

October is in full swing! We are chugging away at school, planning a lot of fun things and every weekend this month has something exciting on the calendar.

Last week we enjoyed the Heart O’ Texas Fair & Rodeo. We went as a family the first night and got a taste of what it might be like. The kids loved the animals and made friends with a family that shows their cattle. We brought a caramel apple and popcorn home for a snack and called it a night. I told the older boys I would bring them back for a few rides, corn dogs and the rodeo. I loved a special night with them. We had a busy night full of eating, playing and entertainment. I think we will have a new tradition for the older ones and I each year!

Tomorrow we fly out of town for a wedding. Get this — we are leaving all 5 kiddos. Thus, the whole I’m excited…and nervous. Obviously I don’t love leaving my kiddos, but it is good for us and we get to attend a beautiful event in the GA mountains! My amazing sister is coming to watch the kids. I made her a 3 page play book…don’t laugh at me. I realized once I started writing  how many tricks I keep up my sleeve all day long that make our day run smooth. I hoped to share as many as I could if things get a little hectic. I’m not worried one bit about her watching them. She is tough as nails and completed one of the hardest military trainings out there…obviously she can handle 5 kids. It is the idea of leaving all of them in general AND flying. God is SOVEREIGN at all times though and Lord-willing I’m leaving on a jet plane. It is a perfect time for us to get away post baby {and not nursing} and pre-next baby. We love our babymoons and having a 6th trip like this is a huge TREAT!

I’ve been busy prepping some extra food, tidying up and teaching the kids what to expect. The oldest has mastered laundry this week and that’s a big help. I also will be praying nonstop until we land there, and then return back home. I told my sister I hope she still loves the kids at the end of the weekend and she told me the opposite. And hopefully she still wants babies after dealing with 5 at one time…lol.

Feel free to pray with me:

Pray the kiddos would respect her and make her time joyful.

Pray I would not be anxious about traveling.

Pray for the marriage we get to witness and that God would be glorified in all our marriages.

If you’re on IG, we love sharing stories over there and I am taking my fancy camera to photograph the fall foliage. Eeeks…I’m excited!

With All My Love,


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