Family Camping: Always Worth the Work

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We came home from a beautiful weekend rested and refreshed. I woke up this morning angry at the anxiety that Mondays bring. There is always so much to face each week and I have a tendency to want to carry the weight for others.

Everywhere our eyes look there are hearts breaking and a hurting world. A friend posted, “I can’t always do grand things to help the world, but I can make an impact in my home and in my community.” Indeed that is truer than ever.

An old pastor of mine shared the following this morning,

“Our response to tragedy as followers of Christ:
– Sit quietly.
– Grieve deeply.
– Pray fervently.
– Listen expectantly. To His voice through His Word. 
– Love sacrificially. All those the Lord puts in your path.
– Speak unashamedly. Words of hope.”

I spent a lot of time sitting this morning. I repented of telling the smiling lady at the local grocery store, “I hate Mondays.” I didn’t mean it like that, but yes I said it. I was sweaty, tired and the overflow of my heart came out. I came home to grieve for this world and to also grieve the deep sin within my heart. The ungratefulness I may face towards a new day full of life. I prayed fervently for this world and for the battles that also rage within me, asking God to create in me a clean heart. I listened to His Word and Psalm 51 washed away my anxiety.

As I pray for this world, I want to weep with those who weep. I want to love sacrificially those that the Lord puts in my path. I want to speak unashamedly. Words of hope! That we all need a Savior and hope is found in Jesus Christ. May we work hard for the Kingdom until He returns! 

I continue to pray for wisdom and discernment as I teach my kids about evil and prepare them to face the world we live in. I will be reflecting on our precious weekend and these smiles that melt my soul…

In regards to camping, I appreciate the commentary that it is hard work. Indeed it is, but a little organization goes a long way and I would recommend camping to every family. I also got a few texts and messages asking how the second night went. The baby didn’t sleep the first night, but we decided to try a few things differently and stay for the second night. I am so thankful we did! The baby slept all night and we enjoyed a precious time of family worship on Sunday morning. The verdict is still out on who roasts their marshmallows better — Drexel or I. We both like a good challenge and will be planning more camping trips to perfect our roasting skills. The kids didn’t want to leave. They are asking for our next camping trip to be at least six days long.

May these smiles brighten your day!

With All My Love,


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  1. Love the photos. Glad you all love to camp. It instills a sense of adventure that is joyful and can last a lifetime. Love, Dad/Papa

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