Pancakes & Prayers

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I woke up a little earlier than usual this morning. I finished my quiet time and had time to start breakfast before I went outside. I had planned on making banana pancakes for the kids. By mid-week I usually have 4 brown bananas and pancakes make for a perfect change-up on hump day. I was quietly working in the kitchen and thought — “Oh, my kids will be so excited. They will wake up to the smell of pancakes!” As I was grabbing an ingredient, I saw white chocolate chips. “Look at these, an extra touch!! I know my kids. I’ll add white chocolate chips and they will say ‘What in the world? What a fun surprise! Delicious!”‘

I happily stirred the batter, left the bacon for hubby to watch and went for a run. I kept thinking about the pancakes and was genuinely excited for breakfast with my kiddos. I love a good cup of coffee while we eat together and start our day.

As I started cooking the pancakes, everyone but my 3 yr old daughter was asleep. The white chocolate chips were hidden and I was still thinking “They will be pretty surprised…they have never had chocolate in their pancakes.” She couldn’t see my surprise as she sat there watching the griddle. My 6 year old strolled into the kitchen, slightly grinned for the smell of pancakes and sat down to wake up.

The 2 yr old woke up ready to eat so I served him and 3 yr old first. The 4 yr old heard all the noise and came to the kitchen half asleep. I said he might want more rest and he went back to his bed. I prepared the baby’s and the oldest, then waited for the reaction.

“What’s in these pancakes?” said the 6 yr old. He picked up a white chocolate chip and said “Is this white chocolate?”

“Yes,” I replied.

“Oh…well it tastes good…{pause…}. I just don’t really like white chocolate. Daddy likes white chocolate. I like regular chocolate.”

I didn’t respond. I just took it all in. He proceeded to be grateful while analyzing the different flavors and depths of the two chocolates {just like his Daddy}.

The 4 yr old came to eat after the others had just washed up. I helped myself to another serving and second cup of coffee to sit with him while he ate.

“Is this chocolate Mom?” he asked.

“Yes, what do you think?” I replied.

“Interesting. It’s really good, but you know I just didn’t expect it in my pancakes.” We finished the time talking about our plans to camp and a list of other random topics, then he was off to his next move.

And I was sitting there laughing on the inside.

I have been asking God for a lot lately. “Lord, please show me what this relationship looks like. Can you tell me who to do this for? Can you make it a little easier to deal with that situation? When am I supposed to answer this question? Can I get some clarity on that issue and what’s in my heart?” And my list of things I ask God continues for long lengths.

During the past weekend, I reacted a lot like my boys did to the pancakes. God sprinkled some extra white chocolate chips into my praise reports.

Good, sweet and tasty answers in an already delicious situation, but I responded with “Oh wow, well I just wasn’t expecting it like that,” or “Oh, well I’m really tired right now to do that and I just don’t know how I feel about it.” Then there was the “Ha, God you are so funny — it’s like you wanted to love on me, just not to the point where I might get greedy/prideful/sinful.” It couldn’t be brown chocolate chips, it had to be white chocolate chips.

I sat there listening to my boys dissect the gift I had given them. A small gift, but my heart and excitement behind it was huge. I wanted them to be encouraged, to know that I love them and that I think about them in special ways. Maybe they felt it, maybe they didn’t, but I felt even more significantly how God might feel when we receive answers to our prayers.

Do we accept even the smallest gifts with a resounding “Lord, THANK YOU!” Do we rejoice and jump up at down with excitement when God delivers something good, even if it was a little bit different than what we expected or felt slightly surprising? Do we say, “Thank you for knowing me better than I know myself!”? Do we analyze a little too long, then miss the moment that we were meant to enjoy and praise Him in?

James 1:17 “Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change.”

I definitely didn’t expect my kiddos to freak out over chocolate chips, but it was a fun morning learning together. I am continually thankful for my kiddos. They keep me humble, point me back to Christ and provide a lot of laughter along the way. I may or may not ever put white chocolate chips in their pancakes again.

With All My Love,


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