Mommy Monday: Birthdays, Babies & Back to School

I turned 29 yesterday. Maybe it was because I don’t like odd numbers or I am secretly planning a huge 30th birthday bash that has me anticipating next year {Lord-willing} — I was really thankful for a quiet day of love. Hubby kept asking me what I wanted for my birthday and it was simple. A few extra hours (out of the house) to get my mind ready for the school year and some new house plants. I wanted to look at a calendar, sift through books and get my perspective right. The house plants were on my “I want” list for a while so I figured my birthday was a good excuse to treat myself. House plants — you might be laughing at me, but we are doing good on our redefined budget. My new majesty palm is perfecto and will always remind me of turning 29.

I planned to disappear the night before rather than my actual day. Saturday night, I ate dinner by myself — no shame here, reflected on a really helpful book, strolled through Hobby Lobby for all kinds of inspiration, then set my eyes on the perfect palm.

I knew my kiddos would want to be with me on my birthday and I with them. The kids always anticipate the cake, the big birthday song and dance, and the delicious meal. What’s a birthday without the birthday girl? We have this thing in our family that the birthday person gets to pick the birthday meal. Since we love food, everyone anticipates what the person will pick. I couldn’t decide between Torchy’s Tacos or Italian and my family was waiting on the final word.

I woke up to my daughter saying “Is it your birthday or is it my birthday?” After my response she said, “Well Happy Birthday!” And the rest of the day I told the older kids that was exactly what I wanted — lots of kisses and more “Happy Birthdays!” They did a great job delivering those. The babies — well, babies don’t care if it is your birthday. They make every day a wild party and we all know young motherhood doesn’t stop. My toddler strolled around the house chanting and pointing “Happy Birt-day, Happy Birt-day, Happy Birt-day…It’s your birt-day??” My youngest baby seemed to know I would appreciate extra snuggles and couch time. Him and I sat, and rested, and loved while the entire crew dance, sung and played their hearts out.

My family always makes sure I am loved everyday so a birthday is just an extra-special day. I praise God for another year and although it went by quite fast, I keep healthy journals to record each year. I am not really sure where the summer went — mostly to the splash pad, sleeping and hubby traveling. August crept up on me a little too fast and we have two other birthdays this month. My mind lingers between half-party mode and half serious-school mode. Most of my attention was set on going back to school today. Once I get a day in my mind, there isn’t much to stop me. I will remind myself to never pick a Monday again. Back to school is nothing fancy for us here at King’s Academy. We always go back to school early because 1) we move slow 2) we like good breaks 3) we go pretty much all year and 4) we have babies. I always plan to take significant maternity leave after a baby arrives, thus I have to plan accordingly.

In the upcoming school year we have 3 pre-schoolers, 1 Pre-K and a 1st grader! It’s busy, busy, busy but tons of fun. On the first day, I found a lot of weak spots that I will be adjusting over time. Everyone got dressed for the first day, but I am sure they will all be in pajamas soon enough. A few of you have asked how I homeschool with so many little ones and I will try to get a blog post written for that. Don’t mean to make any of you anxious by seeing “Back to School” — I know those words send a little nerve up my spine, but we will all be there before we know it. I hope you have had a wonderful summer and I will be praying for the transition for all of us!

In the mean time, thought I would share their sweet little faces.

Thank you so much for all of the birthday love!! I want to write each of you back and you made this lady feel so special!

With All My Love,



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