Mommy Monday: Five Quick Tips for Staying Sane This Summer

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I have another post flowing through my brain about gossip, but I have to get these other thoughts out before I lose them as well. Super mommy brain has me going a zillion directions at one time so I’m trying to FOCUS…focus, focus, focus…and get some things in order for the summer.

Pulled my stool up to my DIY office currently half painted and half organized, but it’s starting to feel like my cozy, little safe place. I can hear all the babies down the hallway and as of now it’s quiet…so let’s see if I can race the clock today.

Summer is here — YAY, if you like summer. If you don’t like summer, I’m sorry. Maybe you can turn on your AC and watch the rest of the world enjoy summer. I’m neutral for summer, but this being the first summer in THREE years that I am not pregnant, I’m not sure how to approach it. Half of me wants to run out, buy a whole new wardrobe and plan every awesome vacation at once. The other half wants to do nothing of the sorts because I love being pregnant, it’s hot and my baby bod is A-OK in super loose clothes that don’t squeeze me.

If you are starting to feel some pressure from the change of seasons, I thought you might appreciate a few tips that are already helping me.

  1. Don’t feel required to do what everyone else is doing. That’s simple right? Maybe — until you see everyone at the beach (likely on social media) and then you’re like “I have to go to the beach!!! NOW!” You don’t have to go to the beach right now, no one will die. The beach will be there in a few months when it’s not insanely hot and you can go then too.
  2. Filter that program/lesson/camp to see if it’s best for your kid. This definitely goes along with number 1, but practically speaking…your kid does not have to do “that camp” or “those swim lessons” because the other five moms are putting their kid in it. This likely isn’t rocket science kind of material I am giving you, but trust me…when you tell all those other Mamas what you’re doing you may get that look like “What, why would you NOT put your kid in it?” If you’ve actually thought about it, you can lovingly respond with “My kid would benefit more from this, or that…”
  3. Plan some rest time. In the summer, weekends book up like hot cakes. Invitations and trips are everywhere, then by Sunday night you’re thinking “Where did the weekend go?” Schedule in “family time.” Even better, schedule in “Family time at home.” Just because it is nice outside, it doesn’t mean you have to be outside doing something. I understand using the summer to enjoy the weather and late nights, but you can find balance in that too. It makes no sense dragging everyone to the pool one more time only for you to get there, or get home, and be losing it on everyone because you have been going non-stop.
  4. Don’t fall off the wagon with your disciplines. This should be #1, but I wasn’t listing them in any order. This is HUGE! Staying up late means “Oh hey let’s sleep in!” Then your kiddos are standing next to your bed like little frienimies wanting breakfast…and we all know how those days go. Stay disciplined with your routines even when the other routines go. Keep getting up early to read your Bible and meet with the Lord. I am always home with my 5 kiddos so I rely on this all year long, but if your kids are out of school for the summer then it would only make sense you’re praying even more throughout the day. Don’t be spiritually lazy just because it is summer!
  5. Be motivated to clean up. If you are motivated to clean up, you may appreciate summer a little more. You won’t dread going to the pool because all of the extra laundry. You won’t tell your kids “No, you can’t play in the dirt outback” because it means you have to wash everyone for the 3rd time today. You won’t avoid opportunities for play or extra fun just because you might have to shower one more time from sweating. You won’t turn down impromptu guests because you have to straighten the house or clean up after the lingering chatter. The memories you make from all those things are worth the extra bath, the extra shower, the extra sweat and the extra dishes.

    Colossians 3:23 ‘Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men,’

I hope at least a little of this is helpful. If I’m the only one who faces the pressure and you’re totally great, keep enjoying your wonderful summer! We are loving it here in Texas.

With All My Love,


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