Mommy Monday: You Are Worth More Than You Know {Part 4: Don’t Forget It}

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Have you ever anticipated something for several years, only to find out that you never really wanted it in the first place? Every year this happens with our kids. Birthdays bring in long sought after toys, but eventually they end up at the bottom of the bin, beat up, or stuck in a dirt pile. I slowly remove them and the kids rarely notice. They are on to loving something newer, brighter, and more entertaining. I am learning the more effort, time and money I put into the gift, the more they appreciate it. Additionally, just because they have desired a fancy Transformer for countless months doesn’t mean it will be treasured for years to come.

As mothers, we may struggle with this mentality of gift fatigue. Do we act this way with the gifts we have been given?

Regardless of our trials and timing, most women I meet desire a baby at some point in their life. Pregnancy news is shared in the cutest of ways and then the shower…well that is the greatest party out there for a woman having a baby. We sit around sharing baby stories, wisdom and advice. We “oooh and aaaa” over clothes, enjoy delicious cake and give a lot of hugs. To me, it’s one of the fuzziest and sweetest experiences out there. All these people excited for a life they haven’t even met.

Then a few months go by. We have experienced a few highs and lows, made it through sleepless nights and might even be thinking “I’m ready for another baby.” But in the trenches of long days and poop-filled nights, you start to wonder “What am I doing?”

It is easy to forget the excitement we once felt about being a mother. Lack of sleep, lack of motivation and a whole list of other distractions could even make us doubt whether we really even wanted to be where we are.

Motherhood doesn’t affirm us the way we all desire. Especially young motherhood, when we have several under 3 or not in school yet. Diaper after diaper doesn’t satisfy our desire for affirmation. Don’t get me wrong, we love the snuggles and time with our babies but that emotional pull to “do something more” tugs on all of us.

I truly believe there is a spiritual war against motherhood. If the enemy can get Moms far away from their children, then a wedge of division can easily enter the family. I am sure you can tell I am a fan of traditional roles, but it isn’t just because the Bible tells me so. There is order, direction, and peace that comes from knowing and fulfilling your God-given role.

Mama, God has blessed you with a child. Psalm 127:3, “Children are a gift from the Lord.” A gift, an inheritance, a reward. Do you continuously filter your child through that truth? When your kid is throwing a full-blown tantrum or just used pen on your new bathroom door (true story) — do you stop and think about your child being a gift or do you call him “a terror out to get me.” Trust me, I know it’s hard!

Being a mother is a divine role and God has a great plan for motherhood. It isn’t for you to get what you want all the time, and likely not about making you always look cute with that baby on your hip. There is a calling much deeper and a purpose much greater for you and for that child. When we see our children as gifts and inheritances, we are much more inclined to see the privilege and value of investing in them. The work we are doing is eternal, not wasteful and not empty.

There is only one Mama for your child and God saw fit to give you the gift(s) you have. May you cherish every moment — the sweet and the sour — knowing that you are worth far more than you know!

With All My Love,


I have loved working through this series and especially enjoy hearing from some of you! Never hesitate to write with comments, questions or prayer requests! If you missed Part, 1, 2 or 3 find them here!

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