Preach the True Gospel (Pr 14:25)

As Christian men, we are responsible for reflecting truth ourselves and reproducing truth in others. What gospel are you reflecting and what are you reproducing in others, if at all?

Some will readily admit they are not engaged… I appreciate their honesty.  Some will try to play both sides, compromising their convictions to fit in with conflicting social circles. This is one of those times where it is a binary choice. If God did not spare His own Son from wrath, why would He not condemn the christianity of convenience?

Everyone will face a moral or theological crossroads in their lives. I’ve seen many professing Christians who are very quick to justify their ‘feelings’ with out-of-context scriptures and the ‘holy spirit.’ Instead of laying themselves bare before the faithful and loving God and surrendering. One of the many reasons I seek accountability is to ensure that I am not blinded by my own cognitive dissonance.

Five gospels to avoid.
Forgivenes Only gospel: Christ isn’t the only way, we are all going to heaven, God’s main characteristic is love, and sanctification… if you feel like it.

Social Justice Warrior gospel: Truth is optional and subservient to helping the less fortunate.  Very accommodating to culture and self-seeking in their ‘good deeds.’

Prosperity gospel: Entitled to health and wealth; God is very into what you desire as long as you pay your respects in a public way.  God is in success, success is always around the corner in hard times, yet God doesn’t do much with failure.

Consumer gospel: Sound bite christianity that is very impatient with self-indulgences. It is very focused on desires and ‘commitments’ can easily be broken. Fits right in with the church shopping culture that wants a ‘spirit-filled’ church aka, one that ‘feels’ good.  The Holy Spirit has little to do with being the Spirit of Truth and much to do with experience.

Knowledge gospel: The focus is on being correct.  Others are inferior because they don’t meet the ‘theological standard.’  If you are in, you better stay in because you will be talked about if not. If you leave, obviously something is wrong with you and you need to mature more.

One True Gospel.
Kingdom Gospel: You are charged to reflect His image, reproduce, and reign over what you’ve been given. He must therefore be reflected in your life, be reproduced in your heart and mind daily, and He. It’s reign as authority over all you do. This gospel is intent on knowing Him and making Him known. Repentance, fellowship, and reading the Word are non-negotiables because they understand the difficulty of their high calling. God is perfectly Holy, Just, Loving and the Creator of all things. This is evidenced by abundant life, radical obedience, and powered by the living Word.

God Bless

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