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It is Friday…whew. Today, I have washed every piece of linen in the house after assessing that the kids likely brought in chiggers from the pasture. I am learning so much these days both about myself, the kiddos and especially the outdoors. Sometimes I would rather not be stretched, but I try to remain grateful for all the bodies and blankets that need continual washing. I am enjoying my afternoon cup of coffee and thought I would publish an intro to a post that has been sitting in my drafts for a few weeks.

Lately, I have felt pressed to let other Moms know that what you are doing matters. It is vitally important. Here is why I have to tell you…

Several sweet gals have been making their way over to my house. Most are new friends I have met here or there. I look at them on the opposite couch as they attempt to take a deep breathe in the midst of talking. The kids are usually under our feet or in the back room playing. It isn’t exactly quiet, but we have made a way to catch up. I wait, I pull, I listen and in the midst of what feels like a safe place I hear, “I feel overwhelmed.”

Sometimes it doesn’t come out in those three words, many times it does. I am sure you have felt it and I have too.

We have so many roles to balance. Mother, wife, friend, daughter, sister, mentor, coworker, ministry leader, the list goes on. I know for a fact the tendency to think that if the weight of motherhood was just a little bit lighter, maybe we could be better somewhere else.

My advice to most Moms consist of several things, but I usually ask these questions…

Happy Weekending & Stay Tuned for Mommy Monday!

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