Mommy Monday: Time & Taking a Tiny Job

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We are nearing the end of our time in temporary housing. After 3 months without most of our stuff, I have come to appreciate living like nomads. Last night, hubby ran out to grab our favorite taco place here downtown. We stuffed our face with queso and laughed about the past months as a family of seven. Moving into our house tomorrow feels like a big deal, probably because we are both equally excited about where God has brought us.

In my last Mommy Monday, I shared some of my tried and tested tips to endure through long seasons of motherhood. If you have been reading for the past few years, you know the last few babies have been pretty close. For those of you who are new readers, I have had a baby each year for the past 3 years. Never would I have planned it like this, but like I often say, I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I love staying home with my babies, homeschooling and pouring my time and talents into the many lives right around my own two feet.

As we approach new seasons, hubby and I always assess where we should be using our time, talents and energy. There are a lot of things we discuss, pray about and make decisions regarding. We rarely ever make decisions without walking through them with one another. In all things, we are a team.

One evening, I saw a posting from a boutique here I follow on IG. “Were Hiring!” I threw the idea out to my husband and we talked about whether I should ask for more information. After submitting my resume, we continued to pray about what it might look like for me to add another responsibility to my plate. For many years, I continued to balance photography with having babies but after my second child I scaled back a lot. While my husband had a more steady job position, I was able to book sessions when I felt up to it, but over time the constant customer service required for the business convinced me to keep my outside commitments low.

As our time in the military is coming to a close, our schedule looks a little more open. Open with 5 small kids is relative, but we truly believe in prioritizing. There are so many aspects to prioritizing so I may only address a few in this post. As a Christian, I believe the Bible gives women clear and amazingly helpful guidance on how to prioritize. The Scriptures are endless with how we should use our time. There is so much freedom in following God’s design and I find the more I conform my desires to the Word, the more time I have and the more fruitful I become. Check out the Resource page to see some of my favorite books on this topic!

Titus 2 is a great all-in-one passage if you are praying about a commitment. Whether it be blogging, planning on some committee, meeting up with a friend, or any of the zillion pulls that we feel on our lives, it takes wisdom and guidance to balance it all. I believe it is not wisdom I come up with, but direction that God gracefully gives in His Word. I daily seek Him by reading the Bible and praying for how I should use my time.

Hubby and I continued to talk about this job. I had never even walked in the store, but from their website gained a love for their vision. Through each step we discussed how it could affect our family positively and negatively. There was a wonderful interview and we continued to talk and pray. A week later, I got an offer. We prayed more and I accepted the job. I was definitely nervous and probably second guessed it several times. After a few times at the shop, it seems to be the perfect fit for this season of our lives. I hope to be a blessing to them and vice versa so we will keep praying and assessing. I am doing some design/staging work for the boutique and am able to use my love for photography on different occasions as well. The hours complement our schedule and I will have the freedom and support to work when I am able. For the time, we see this as a healthy creative outlet for Mama, an opportunity to build relationships in a new city, and an added responsibility that encourages me to keep my ducks in a row.

Here are the things I will continue to pray for:

  • To see my own sinfulness in how I use my time. Of course, there are many things in this life I would love to do, but it doesn’t mean now is the time for any of them.
  • To feel convicted and change directions when I am approaching the limit of “doing too much.” I find we react with the most frustration, either toward our husbands or children, when we feel our husbands standing in the way of something we desire, or our children getting in the way of our schedule and/or plan. By default, if we have less commitments, our children becomes less of a burden and more of a blessing. There is a balance for this topic of course, but the main idea is that when we aren’t rushing out the door frazzled, you’re avoiding a perfect time of losing it on your kiddo.
  • To continue exercising the words, “No, I can’t right now.” I have had to master them over these past few years, but I will likely have to sharpen this skill even more. If I start to feel my prioritizes and loyalty shifting, it’s best to recalibrate. Hash it out with your husband and likely that good friend I mentioned in my last post as well. Does he see you living out Titus 2?
  • To keep humbling myself. All of my talents are a gift from the Lord and I want to use them for His kingdom and glory!

Feel free to check on me and see how I am doing! I always appreciate good accountability and am thankful for my friends near and far!

With All My Love,


Took a picture to remember my first day!

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