Mommy Monday: Missional Motherhood

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I have always wanted to serve overseas. I always dreamed of being in a foreign country, meeting new people, living without excess and sharing Christ’s love whenever there was an opportunity for it.

We got married, his dreams became my dreams, my dreams became his, and well…now we have 5 kids.

I have looked around the past few weeks and been feeling more than ever that my dream to serve overseas finally came true. The setting is a little different along with some of the main characters, but the plot line is pretty much the same. I show up to a foreign land, have only a little training, my Bible, and then everyone around me is watching to see how I respond. Can she make it out here? What’s this Jesus that she speaks about? How can she help us? What does she have to offer?

The setting is Waco, TX. The characters are my five little kids. I have my Bible, plenty to do my job and a support network of solid prayer. I have my overseas mission field right here. I do realize that they are dramatically different in certain ways, but the heart of serving in both of them should be the same. My kids are like much of the world — lost and in need of Jesus.

Biblical motherhood is more than raising your children to be happy and successful adults. We should long for our kids to know Jesus {not just know about Him}, to entrust their lives to Him and to live with Him forever. Just like those in an unreached people group, as I am following Jesus, my kids watch my every move. They see me talking about Him, praying to Him and teaching Him in school.

Does He change and lead me like I say He does? Am I turning to the Word for help when I am weary and run down? Or am I turning to something else to sustain me?

The help and saving grace that He provides — does it show in my speech, in my correction and in my love? Or am I angry with those around me, my circumstances and the change that is taking place? The gratitude that I teach — is it flowing my heart?

I can only imagine the transition that a missionary faces when they go overseas. I have never been great with change. As I face motherhood and all this newness, I want to have the same vigor and passion to adapt that I would if I were overseas. The lives that God has placed around me need just as much saving as those far away. There is a difference to be made. It’s easy to feel like I have nothing to offer. I am not cooking anything fancy, can’t keep my quarters neat, am low on sleep, the accommodations take a bit of adjustment and I have a lot to learn. However, I have the only thing that allows me to offer everything.

I could try and give my family a clean house, perfect schedules, friends and all the success or riches in the world, but without Jesus — they are still lost and broke. The only thing I need is Jesus and that is what I offer my family. The grace, the love, the strength, the joy, the hope and the peace He provides is possible through Him.

Praying that Moms would see and be motivated for their precious little mission field.

With All My Love,


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  1. John Sulpizio

    A wonderful post and a beautiful picture. I hope to be camping out in your back yard when the weather breaks.
    Love Dad/Papa

  2. Kathy Ziegler

    I have enjoyed the three posts so much. Two nights ago, at 3am I was awake, and you came to mind. Needless to say, I prayed for you. Truly, I miss you and your dear family. So thankful you are sharing your life online with me….and many others.

  3. Thanks Johnna! Very encouraging and convicting. We miss you all!!

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